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It is a new interactive ticketing platform that turns ordinary events into extraordinary social experiences.

Shoop targets specialized, creative and independent event organizers. Our goal is to build a ticketing platform that makes the process of finding events, buying tickets, and going to events more social. We believe that the point of events is to find new passions and meet new people, so we’re building a ticketing platform that makes it easier for you to do that.


As a guest you can:

– Discover your environment, new passions and new friends.

– Maximize the social potential of any event by connecting with other guests/hosts and sending them messages

– Create and share memories in person and online


As a Host you can:

– Send Announcements: Communicate directly with your guests, before, during and after events, an amazing way to strengthen loyal communities.

– Get Exposure: Maximize your exposure through shoop’s social media features

– All-in-one solution: manage both your business (staff, vendors, billing, promotions) and your events, in one place

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